As one of the first catering businesses at the belgian coast, we achieved the Q-Label.

This certificate represents a guarantee on quality and service according to the most demanding standards.

We are at your service and we listen to you....

Interview: Petra Van Brussel - Grand Hotel Belle Vue
Source: www.dehaan.be

"A warm welcome, a serene atmosphere and fine cuisine"

How long have you been working at the coast, can you tell us about your business?

I work in De Haan since 1996. With my husband, I used to be in charge of the bar and restaurant of the Royal Ostend Golf Club. In 2006 we took over the management of the Grand Hotel Belle Vue in the center of De Haan. This hotel dates from 1910, it is an example of the Anglo-Norman architecture from the beginning of the last century. Currently the hotel has 32 rooms, of which 22 rooms are renovated, as well as a restaurant "Bistro Place Royale".

What is the importance of quality to you?

We have always tried to dessiminate the message of quality regarding hospitality, comfort and fine food.

Since our first day as independants, we were focused on this aproach. Afterwards, all efforts and investments were made in this context. 

In our own company we try to bring to reality the aspects we appreciate when we travel ourselves.

During the qualitycourse, you have mde your guests a quality promess, what does this mean exactly for your business?

Let me illustrate this with Proust's famous oneliner: "... à la recherche du temps perdu.....". We provide a warm welcome, fine cuisine using only the best products and guarantee the best possible service. Moreover we emphasize the authenticity and grandeur of this beautiful building and we offer our guests a unique place for relaxation. We have so much respect for the beautiful things the former generations left for us. We create for the guest an environment in which he can refound his own "lost time". We are present on a friendly, yet discreet way.

What do you find attractive at the coast? 
It is its dimension, the feeling of space and calm which is very inspiring. Where else can you find this unique combination of beach, dunes and forest as well as the beauty of untouched nature?

What is your favorite spot along the coast and why? 
Without any doubt the beach and the woods of De Haan. A perfect location to enjoy all the beauty that our coast can offer.